Top 10 Reasons You Should Travel by Bus

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Flying by plane is now much more efficient, especially for those who live in fast-paced societies where every second counts. However, there are still some people who prefer to travel by bus. Buses won’t be retired for a long time because of many factors. Let’s find out why!

Bus tickets on sale

Although you can still find cheap plane tickets, there are many bus options available. There are often discounts up to 50% for students, seniors and children. It is amazing how much you will save by taking the bus instead of traveling by car (gas prices, toll costs, etc.). It’s easy to see why bus travel is the most economical option.

Wi-Fi and power outlets

Many bus operators have realized that passengers traveling long distances need power sockets and the internet. There is no other form of transportation that provides this benefit than buses. It doesn’t matter if your battery dies or not. You can also connect to WiFi to “kill some time” while you wait for the bus to arrive. Once you get to your destination, your phone should be fully charged so that you can take photos. Amazing, right?

Occasional breaks and stops

If you have a disability, long distance travel can be stressful. Although you can still go to the toilet in a train or plane, that is it. Bus drivers will take you on a shorter or longer break (ca 25 minutes) in order to let you stretch your legs, get a cup o coffee, and have a quick bite. You will find it easier to use the toilets at a gas station, which are cleaned regularly by ladies, than you would in a plane.

There’s no need to fret about lost luggage

Everybody has thought of the possibility of losing their baggage on a flight. You wait anxiously until your luggage appears on the carousel once you land. This can become stressful. Buses don’t have this problem. Your luggage is handed to the bus driver and he will place it in the compartment. Then you are ready for your trip. You can carry as much luggage as your heart desires. You don’t need to be concerned about exceeding the weight limit or paying an extra fee for additional weight. All you have to do is bring what you need.

No advance planning

It’s common to book plane tickets months in advance. Because tickets can get up to 10x more expensive as travel dates approach, people do this to save money. However, bus tickets are almost always the same price no matter how far in advance you book them. If you don’t have the luxury to plan your vacation far in advance, then a bus ticket might be a good option. You can also change your departure date with bus tickets. All you have to do is contact customer service by e-mail and provide your ticket number. It’s simple!

It is all about location Travel by Bus

What number of times have you experienced this? If your flight is later than expected, shuttle buses can be costly. You may also end up spending more money on taxis. The good thing about bus stations is that they are often located in the center of the city, making it much easier to continue your journey from there. It is more likely you will find a local bus stop near your destination or a Metro station nearby than it is to find one at the airport (unless you’re talking about larger international airports).

You will be more comfortable in a seat

Although long-distance travel is not comfortable, there are some advantages to bus seats over plane and train seats. First, the bus seats offer more space for your legs. This can make it very frustrating to bump your knees into the seat in front. It is also difficult to adjust your seats if your flight is long. Buses are much more comfortable. You can adjust the seat as many times as you wish, provided that you have permission from the person in front.

Air conditioning

Ever been in an airplane that suddenly gets colder as you take off? You didn’t know this? You don’t need to wear a winter jacket if it’s cold outside, or sweat the entire trip during summer. Your trip should be comfortable and relaxing. If it gets too hot or cold, you can adjust the air conditioner by pressing a button on your seat. It sounds great!

The cancellation policy

Many bus carriers allow cancellations with no fees or full refunds. You don’t even need to give a valid reason. The cancellation must be made at least 48 hours in advance of departure. But, that varies by carrier. In all cases, you will get your money back. The only problem is that a plane ticket is not refundable in 99% of cases. If something happens, your money will be lost. It’s a good idea to choose a bus instead.