Choose the Best “Heated Lamps For Food”

Food warming equipment is essential for most Heated Lamps For Food foodservice businesses. It keeps the food at the right temperature until it reaches the customer. If you have a buffet, large quantities of food must be kept on hand.

Heating Lamps for Food: How to Keep Food Warm

There are two main types of food warmers: bulb warmers and strip warmers. Your application will determine how long food can be kept warm, so it is important to know what strip and bulb warming are for.

Different types of strip warmers to heated lamps for food

Avantco 48 inch High Wattage Strip Heated Lamps for Food With Adjustable Infinite Controls – 120V, 1200W

Strip warmers are made up of one or more rows of heating elements within a long, metal housing. Often reflectors are used to increase heat and direct it onto the food below. Double units may have spacers between heating elements. This allows for greater coverage.

There are many options for metal housings. It is lightweight and economical, making aluminum a great choice for startups. Powder-coated units are more durable than stainless steel, but at a fraction of the cost. Our stainless steel housings offer the best choice for professional use, and are corrosion-resistant.

Strip warmers with top heat are an ideal way to keep food warm on buffet lines. They produce high heat that keeps the food at the right temperature to display it. Because buffet lines come with a variety of sizes, strip warmers can be made in many lengths to suit any needs. You can find a wide range of designer strip warmers that are available in different colors if you require a specific color for the front of your house.

Back of the House Strip Heaters to Heated Lamps for Food

A strip warmer can be mounted above a pick-up shelf or staging area and is ideal for warming plated food until it is ready to go. These warmers are also great for fry dumps and other similar applications. The slim body strip warmers are ideal for tight spaces.

Remove Warmer Elements, Like Heated Lamps for Food

There are many heating elements available for strip warmers. It is important to choose the right one for you.

Metal Sheathed / Calrod Elements

These are the most popular type of strip warmer and Kenmore Food Processor most affordable. They can be used in applications that require more heat than a bulb heater, but not as much as a ceramic element. To provide heating, they should be placed closer than a ceramic unit (approximately 14-18 inches).