Whole Food Lansing MI: Delivers

350 readers, as well as your customers, discovered Whole Food Lansing MI last week that they couldn’t pick up their City Pulse at your East Lansing location.

Whole Foods Lansing MI has not made significant progress. Meijer banned free paper in 2012. Meijer banned free papers in 2012. This was after much pressure from customers and leaders. Pre-pandemic, net loss of circulation of 2,300 newspapers. This is more so because of the virus.

Kroger was born. Two years ago, the nation’s largest supermarket chain, Kroger, acted on advice from a consultant and banned all free publications. Kroger was advised by a consultant to re-design the store’s front that no one reads newspapers anymore. Except for 3,000 Kroger customers per week, nobody.

Whole Food Lansing MI doesn’t rank first. Its actions are the most beneficial to City Pulse survival.

However, it is still dangerous, Mr. Bezos — and not just for City Pulse’s bottom lines. (As a free newspaper we rely on advertising revenue. Eyes on those ads is what keeps us going.

Whole Food Lansing Mi Journalism is at risk You, I’m sure, know why. I’m sure you care

You spent $250 million to purchase The Washington Post in 2013 and who knows how much you have spent on it since then. Nobody believes you did it for the money. You were also tough on Trump, despite his attempts to make a profit by going after Amazon. The Post’s greatness is restored. We are grateful. Again, I must ask you why one of your companies is allowing local journalism to be damaged?

Here are my knowledge and opinions about Whole Food Lansing MI newspapers. A source in  told me that City Pulse and all the free pubs should have been expelled from East Lansing years ago, possibly after Amazon purchased the chain. The store is located in the Midwest division. While all other divisions sell paid newspapers, the division doesn’t sell them. Ironically, Mr. Bezos. You can’t sell The Washington Post at  stores.

The Midwest division apparently overruled the local leadership and ordered the removal of City Pulse. Why? Because somebody put a neoNazi flier at a Whole Food Lansing MI stand. City Pulse was also out in this baby/bathwater scenario.

This kind of thinking, Mr. Bezos is not unusual from Kroger and Meijer. But what about? And especially Whole Food Lansing MI that Amazon founded and owns?

Multiply the events here by 100. This is how many papers similar to mine are part of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia. In fact, we had 135 members in a decade. Some of the survivors lose their money on the newspapers. They have found ancillary businesses like gift shops and special events that allow them to keep the newspaper alive.