How to Swim with Pigs in the Bahamas?

One of the most popular things to do in The Bahamas is swimming with pigs. Here’s how to get to Pig Beach, when to go and where to stay.

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Imagine it: turquoise water crystal clear, sunny days, little piggies swimming up and down your face while you eat. What’s not to like?

Although it is not clear how the pigs arrived on the island, these cute tropical creatures are an excellent bucket list item for The Exumas island group. Expect an unforgettable experience as well as some stunning photos.

The Best Time to Swim with Pigs in The Bahamas

It is best to swim with the pigs in the off-season. Although the Bahamas is beautiful and warm throughout the year, the high season begins in December and continues through April. During this time hundreds of people visit pigs daily.

The Bahamas has a hurricane season that runs from June to October. This means there’s a chance of rain and heightened risk of hurricanes.

These two factors are why I recommend that you visit September, October and November, or May.

I personally visited the pigs around November middle, and although there was some rain it was still beautiful. I also got to swim with the Pigs, without having to compete with other people. It was the best experience of my life.

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Pig Beach: The Best Place to Stay

Staying on Staniel Cay allows you to swim with the Pig Beach pigs. Although the pigs may swim at Big Major Cay’s shore, Staniel Cay offers the fastest boat ride and the best tourism infrastructure.

Staniel Cay’s EMBRACE resort was my favorite place to stay. There are seven villas available, each with different budgets, and they have kitchens and in-room Jacuzzis. The resort is also located right next to the airport, making it easy to catch flights.

The best way to see the Pigs at Pig Beach

The best way to swim in the Bahamas with pigs is by boat, specifically a boat tour.

3N’s Exuma Vacations Swimming Pigs Tours depart from Staniel Cay. This makes it easy to plan your trip. This operator is family-owned and efficient. They also have boats that can accommodate 12-15 people, which is a difference from other operators in the area. They also offer multiple stops during each tour. This tour includes stops at the pigs, the Compass Cay nurse Sharks, the Thunderball Grotto, and many other places.

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You still have options if you choose to stay in Nassau over Staniel Cay. 3N’s Exuma Vacations offers a 7-hour Swimming with Pigs Tour from Nassau. It includes 4 hours on the boat, and a 30-minute flight to the Exumas.

It doesn’t matter what, it is a smart idea to book your pig excursion in advance. Tours can fill up quickly depending on the season. Don’t miss your chance!

Here’s What You Need to Know About Swimming with the Pigs at Pig Beach

The Debate: How they got to Big Major Cay?

Everyone has a question when visiting Pig Beach. How did they get there? Although no one can tell you for certain and everyone will give you a different answer, the best answer is that the Pigs were moved from a place where they could be found food.

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Yes, they look adorable in tropical waters but they are still farm animals.