How to personalize a ring to include treasured travel memories?

Did you ever return from a wonderful trip and wish you could have a piece of jewelry to commemorate it? Perhaps you are looking to gift someone a piece of jewelry that is travel-related while you’re in the country. These are great romantic ideas that are also very easy to execute.

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LovBe, a female-founded jewelry business, offers lab-grown diamonds that can help you make the jewels of dreams. They are committed to customer satisfaction and have beautiful city-inspired rings that will help you pick the right combination.

Here are some ways to personalize a ring that includes cherished travel memories, from engagements to life-changing trips and everything in between.

Step 1 – Get Inspiring

A diamond is a lasting commitment. Choose an inspiring trip you are sure to treasure and remember each time you see the piece of jewelry. You can choose a design that speaks about the country you are memorializing, depending on where you were.

LovBe, for example, creates Paris-inspired rings with a romantic flair, Marrakesh inspired rings in an intricate design, Berlin-inspired ring in a modern/minimalist fashion, Mexico City-inspired ring in a Bohemian-style, and Rome-inspired rings in their new ‘Eternal.

These templates can be used to inspire you. Think about your destination and think of the details. LovBe has the right team to help you, no matter what your preference.

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Step 2 – Talk to the professionals

A professional diamond concierge can help you if the team is available to assist.

Talking to someone who is familiar with the terminology, significance, styles, and how they work can make the right choice.

I strongly recommend that you understand the value of a product before making a purchase. Compare the various types of bands and learn about clarity, carat and average colors. Although these concepts are new, knowing their significance will make jewelry more valuable.

LovBe is able to offer lab-grown diamonds that weigh twice as much as a mined diamond at the same price. They also accept only the best-quality diamonds for their collections.

Step 3 – Select a Setting

Once you have an idea and a guide, think about the setting for your jewelry. Keep it travel-themed by choosing a metal, shape, or setting that is compatible with your destination.

LovBe’s ring maker allows you to see all 360-degree options in real time. There are seven options for metal (white gold, yellow, rose gold and platinum) and ten shape options (including princess, emerald and marquise), as well as seven setting options (channel, solitaire and vintage, halo and three-stone).

Take into account the color palette, traditional jewelry styles, as well as the sentimental value of your destination.

Step 4 – Select a Diamond

When choosing a diamond to make your jewelry, consider its clarity, color, carat and price. These options can be easily adjusted using the sliders on LovBe’s site.

You might not be aware that all diamonds are the same, regardless of where they come from. When making an investment like this, quality is paramount. A diamond with a grade of ‘ideal’ and ‘excellent cut’ will make sure that you have a timeless choice.

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Step 5: Be creative

Are you still not convinced about the ring idea. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your jewelry choices. You can commemorate your travels with earrings, pendants and bracelets as well as necklaces and bands.

Step 6: Make it special

You now have quality jewelry that is travel-themed. Why not gift it to someone you treasure in a place you love? It’s a great way to propose to your partner, whether you are in Rome or arranging a special event around the jewelry.

Giving your jewelry to them in a unique way will make them remember it every time they see it.

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Step 7 – Get Exclusive

Do you want to find the perfect engagement ring for you? LovBe Eternal, an exclusive LovBe collection, is the perfect choice.

This capsule collection includes nine styles with beautiful fancy-shaped side stones. There are many styles to choose from, including pears, pears, and classic round brilliants.

LovBe Eternal is also the occasion for LovBe Hallmark, a small, discreet diamond placed on each ring’s band. This diamond is located near the “vena amoris”, or the “vein of love”, which is an ode to ancient beliefs that the vein from the left-hand fourth finger went straight to the heart. What? Romantic or not! ?