Important Tips for Sustainable Travel in Hawaii

Hawaii is home to more than 400 endangered and threatened species. This makes it the “endangered species capital” of the world. It’s important that travelers think about sustainability when they travel to this beautiful part of the globe.

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Fairmont Orchid recently launched the Live Pono Hawaii package, which encourages guests to sign the Pono Pledge. I was on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is so refreshing to see hotels taking initiative to protect the environment and encourage mindful travel.

Fairmont Orchid’s Live Pono Package includes a private snorkel excursion for 2 and activity passes for 2. This includes beach rental equipment, a 8-ounce jar of Hawaiian Organic Kiawe Honey, sunscreen, and a reusable waterbottle. $10 from each room booked will be donated to the Hawaii Wildlife Fund for protection of native wildlife.

Ten Important Tips for Sustainable Travel in Hawaii

Here are ten tips to help you travel sustainably in Hawaii, as part of our effort to encourage responsible tourism.

  1. Never touch or feed wildlife

Please observe wildlife from both the water and land. Do not feed them. Animals become dependent on humans and habituated when they are fed.

Feeding wildlife or getting too close can result in attacks. In the case of marine life, there is a mucous that protects them from bacteria. Touching them can cause some of this protection to be removed.

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  1. Give back the environment as it was found

To allow everyone to enjoy the natural world, we must not take anything (even shells) with us. We should also walk as light as possible when hiking or enjoying the ocean. Better yet, leave the environment cleaner than you found it.

  1. Keep following the trail

It’s easy to be obsessed with Instagram and want to take the perfect picture. But, please keep in mind that wildlife and native plants can easily be endangered by wandering off-road. Because you are less likely to come across wildlife or plants that could cause harm, staying on trails is safer.

  1. Garbage Bag

It’s so important to have a bag with you for trash and any litter that you may find when you go out exploring. You’ll be a blessing to the Earth.

  1. Don’t Litter

This one may seem obvious, but it is important to be mentioned. If litter, including cigarette bits, is ingested, it can cause harm to wildlife. Cigarette butts can also be harmful to the environment.

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  1. Buy Local

Locally made products are better than imported. It helps reduce your carbon footprint as items are not shipped to an island. This also helps the local economy.

  1. Find the best tour operators

The biggest impact on the environment when you travel is not only your flight to Hawaii but also your tour company. Before you make a booking, read customer reviews to find out about the company and whether their guides are respectful of the environment. Also, small groups of tour operators have less impact.

  1. Take a reusable water bottle and bag

It’s amazing how much this can have an impact on your travel experience, especially when it comes to water bottles. I always bring a high-insulation reusable water bottle on my trips. I refill it at the airport and at my hotel. I don’t use plastic water bottles except when I need to.

Tap water is safe for most people traveling to North America or Europe. So that’s what I drank. If your hotel has a gym they usually have a water refill station there if you don’t like tap water.

Another must-have when you travel is a reusable bag. It can be used for shopping, grocery shopping, and many other purposes.

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  1. Hang Up Your Towels

This sign is used in hotels to inform staff that towels don’t have to be washed daily. Every little bit counts when it comes to conserving water.

  1. Turn off lights and AC

This is an easy thing to forget when you travel. We don’t have to pay the electricity bill. However, I treat my hotel room the same way as my home. When I’m not using the lights, I switch off the heat and AC. It drives me insane when the AC comes on in my room after I turn it off.


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