The best travel agents are always learning.

You’re now a highly successful travel agent thanks to your hard work. Well done!

These are the things that you should keep in your thoughts. You travel agents will be able to look at yourself and get a sense of your potential performance in a particular area. This will also help you decide which career path you want to follow.

These skills will set you apart from your competition, so make sure you master at least one of them.

Outgoing personality: Critical for building relationships with clients, colleagues and customers. You can imagine how stressful planning a vacation could be if you didn’t feel like your agent was friendly.

Travel passion: Without a love for travel, you won’t have a lot of fun working in this industry. Passion makes the mundane and tedious aspects of a job fun and rewarding.

Advanced problem-solving skills: Budgeting planning, organisation, troubleshooting. You must be able solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Be patient and diplomatic: The preparations for a major trip can be stressful. Sometimes rules and regulations can allow clients to make their plans exactly the way they want. If this is the case, you will need to remain cool and sweet-talk them into your new, improved travel plan.

Technology savvy: Everybody has an app theses days. Your grandma is probably working on her own app. All kinds of apps exist for any type of activity or location in the world. These apps are extremely useful. You can find maps that show all the best spots and offer discounts to many restaurants and shops. This will help you choose the right location for your client.

Flexibility & adaptability: It’s not easy to organize a trip. Things are likely to change so be prepared to adjust. You will find that your clients have different requirements and budgets. Treat each client with respect and openness.

These skills aren’t enough to make you a great travel agent. So keep learning and improve.

Parting thoughts

Starting in any industry is difficult, especially for those with little experience. If you have a plan and a lot passion, it is possible to get things moving in the right directions.

While travel agents may seem outdated, it’s possible that they are still in use today. However, with so much uncertainty and anxiety, it is clear that there are many potential customers who want to hire a travel agent to help them create their dream getaway.

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