Top Vegan-Friendly Destinations

Traveling with a restricted diet can be challenging. It may also discourage vegans or vegetarians from visiting certain countries that have a heavy meat- and seafood-heavy menu (we’re thinking of Japan).

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You may struggle to get by in France and Germany, which often contain meat and dairy in every meal. However, vegans will not have any trouble eating delicious

Flavorful food in these top vegan-friendly destinations

  • Scotland

It’s possible you might be just as shocked as me to find Scotland a vegan gem in the rough considering that neighboring Ireland, and other nordic countries, are well-known for their meat-forward cuisine.

There are many vegan options available in Edinburgh and Glasgow, including delicious nachos and pub food as well as mouthwatering waffles topped with gelato (found at Affogato Edinburgh). It will be difficult for vegans to eat salads in this beautiful green country.

  • New York City

Although the Big Apple is known for its cheese-heavy pizza and cheesecake, there are also plenty of vegetarian options. New York is known for its vegan cuisine. There are many fine restaurants to choose from, and you’ll find plenty of options. It’s a great idea to enjoy an evening meal at Avant Garden or Blossom, especially if you are visiting NYC for the first-time.

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  • India

Indian food is a wonderful choice because, while it is delicious, almost half of it can be made vegan or vegetarian. You can find vegetarian dishes such as vegetable curries, roti dough, masala dosa and vegetable biryani.

India considers cows sacred and dairy is an integral part of Indian culture. Before ordering, make sure that your meal is free from milk, butter, and ghee. You can also ask for oil or soy milk substitutes. You can request oil substitutes from food vendors, as most foods are prepared with butter or ghee. Are you shopping at grocery stores or markets

The package indicates that it is vegetarian

  • Middle East

Most vegetarians know that their favourite foods are from the Middle East, including pita bread and falafel. Some even consider Tel Aviv, Israel, the vegan capital. Although the country’s recent transition to veganism is not new, you will find many options at every cafeteria and restaurant.

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Tel Aviv hosted the “World’s Largest Vegan Festival” in 2005. There are still many vegan food tours available, so that you can combine your love for healthy food with a memorable vacation experience.

  • Taiwan

For those with restricted diets, the language barrier can be daunting. But don’t let it stop you from visiting Taiwan! Many restaurants in Taiwan offer vegan meals. The popularity of veganism is rooted in Taiwan’s spirituality, namely Buddhism and Taoism. You will never feel hungry and the food is beautifully prepared.

  • California

You’ll find vegan options in almost every major California city, from San Francisco to San Diego to Los Angeles to San Diego. There are even more than 160 vegan restaurants! At hotspots such as Gracias Madre in LA and the ultra-chic Crossroads, you’ll be able to spot famous vegan celebrities (*hem* Beyonce).

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Although I don’t like to promote stereotypes, this state is true to its reputation as a home for animal-rights activists, clean-eating beauty, and other health-conscious people. Vegans will feel at home.


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