Additional Galapagos Islands Travel Tips

Interacting with Wildlife

The incredible wildlife is a major reason most people want to visit the Galapagos. The best thing about many animals in the Galapagos Islands is their tolerance of humans. They have no fear of us and are open to getting closer.

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Remember that although most Galapagos animals have seen humans before they are wild animals and will take offense if provoked, or if their space is invaded. In many cases, the animals came to me out of curiosity.

When interacting with these animals, it is a good idea to be respectful but not touch them. If they need more space, you can pick up their clues.

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Leave No Trace

It is important to leave the Galapagos Islands as it was when you visited it. Be sure to stay within the designated areas, and take care with your trash. This helps preserve the islands and their animals. It also ensures an unforgettable travel experience for future explorers.

Galapagos Islands Packing Essentials

Sun Protection: You should always bring plenty of sunscreen that is reef-safe. You’ll need to apply sunscreen several times per day because you are right at the equator. A sun hat and a cap are great for windy days and dingy rides.

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Water Gear: Since I am often in the water, I brought my long-sleeved, rashguard, and my shortie, which is a great idea if you don’t want to wear one of the long-sleeved, cruise-style wetsuits. I also brought a pair sturdy water shoes in case of wet landings.

Hiking Gear: You’ll be hiking when your boat docks. If you visit during dry season, you can wear sneakers. Otherwise, hiking shoes are a good option. A raincoat is also recommended for wet-season drizzles.

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Camera Gear: To capture great images of the fauna and flora, you will need a high-quality underwater camera (I used an Go Pro 6), and lots of SD Cards. For a complete list of travel photography essentials, see this post.