Genius Camping Hacks Every Camper

We’ve compiled top camping hacks that every camper should be aware of after years of practice. These tips will ensure that you don’t feel unprepared for any magical campfire.

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1. You can make your own pillow using a pillowcase and clothes.

Camping is always difficult because of the limited space available. Instead of packing extra pillows, you can make a pillow out of your clothes and a cover for the pillowcase. A pillowcase can be used as a replacement for an extra bag.

2. Create your own lantern using a headlamp

You can make your own lantern using a large water bottle, a headlamp and a small flashlight. Simply wrap the head strap around the large clear plastic bottle, with the light facing inwardly, and turn it on.

3. Make your own meals

Preparing your meals ahead of your trip can help you cut down on the cooking time and mess. You can cut ingredients ahead of time if you know that you will need them.

4. For spices, use empty Tic Tac containers

You don’t need to make camping food bland. These Tic Tac containers can hold common spices like salt, pepper, and even cinnamon. These containers can hold just a small amount of spice and don’t take up much room. They also have the added benefit of being tightly sealed to prevent spillage.

5. Use Doritos as kindling

What if the fire doesn’t ignite? It’s not a problem. You don’t need to buy expensive fire starter sticks. Instead, grab a bag of Doritos and Fritos. These oily, dense corn chips can be easily lit on fire and last a long time. This makes them an ideal kindling to start a fire. They can also be used as an emergency snack in case you feel the need.

6. Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap is recommended

Dr. Bronner’s Unscented Soap can replace most liquid and foam toiletries. All-natural, this soap can be used for shampoo, body wash and even laundry detergent. This soap is non-toxic and biodegradable.

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7. Use microfiber towels

You should consider the weight of your gear when you go camping. Microfiber towels are lighter and more absorbent that regular towels. Are you concerned about your weight? These towels are also quick drying so you don’t need to worry about mold growth once they’re packed. These towels are more sustainable than paper towels and also reduce waste.

8. These compact cooking sets aren’t just for backpackers

Even if you don’t have much space, compact cooking sets or mess kits are great to have on hand for camping. We use the microdualist cookerset. Multipurpose and durable cooking sets can be easily stacked, making cleanup and repacking much easier.

9. Block ice can be used in your cooler

You can save money on ice by buying large ice blocks. A large block of ice is a great way to save money on ice for your cooler. It melts at a slower rate because it has less surface area than individual cubes. You can add cubes to your drink occasionally by keeping the ice in the bag. This will increase its lifespan.

10. Make a plan! Keep a checklist

When it comes to packing, unpacking and repacking for a camping trip, checklists are essential. It’s important to prepare a checklist before you go camping and decide what items should be in each bag. This will ensure that you don’t forget essential items such as lighters or cookware.

11. For small amounts of liquids, use contact lenses cases

These contact lens cases are great for liquids, such as lotion! It’s great for camping as well as on flights, and I love that it saves space!

12. This compact container makes it easy to make espresso!

The portable espresso machine can be used in hand and has a cup.

13. Use a vegetable peeler to make mini soap bars

It is not the best idea to save a bar soap on the road. A vegetable peeler can be used to make soap bars for single-use. This saves you money and makes a mess.

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14. To keep mosquitoes away, add bundles of sage around your campfire

It smells great!

15. HotHands heat activated warmers can be used in your sleeping bag

Are you tired of sleeping in cold places? You don’t have to be cold! To keep your night warm, use these HotHands heat activated warmers at your sleeping back.

16. Silica gel packs are a good option for storing cookware and electronics

These gel packs can be used to protect your cookware from rust. These gel packs are essential for humid weather.

17. Use crumpled newspaper to dry your shoes

Keep a newspaper in your recycling bin handy so you don’t get your shoes wet. You can also stuff the newspaper into your shoes while you are sleeping.

18. Make fire starters with trick birthday candles

Finally(!) There are many uses for trick birthday candles.

19. As a zipper lubricant, use candle wax

To lubricate your tent and sleeping bag zippers, rub this mixture along them.

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20. Keep eggs in a water bottle

Are you a fan of scrambled eggs Mix the yolks and whites together and then pour it into a mason jar or plastic bottle.